Law Reform Proposals


Taking a stand for the human rights of people with diverse Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Expressions (SOGIE), this project is a continuation from the first National Consultation facilitated by the Tonga Leitis Association for decision makers in Tongan society, which was conducted in Nuku’alofa December 2016 and in Vava’u, February 2017.  This was a gathering of religious, government, media and civil society leaders to build respectful relationships, develop an understanding of the leiti experience in Tonga, address bullying, stigma and discrimination against Leitis and the importance of acceptance and to look at avenues to revise current legislation to protect people with diverse SOGIE in Tonga.



It was vital in the findings of the national consultations that further consultations were necessary at the district level, in order for people to better understand SOGIE issues.  It was identified that the key issues which required public awareness and support were TLA’s proposals for Law Reform and also pushing the Anti-Bullying campaign.


With the support of the Australian Government, the TLA has been able to conduct this important work in providing visibility for SOGIE issues and casting Leitis in a positive light as proactive agents for much needed change.


Together with the findings of the first National Consultations in 2016 and 2017, the TLA will complete a report to be submitted to the Ministry of Police and to the Tonga Legislative Assembly, with the recommendations for reform of the Criminal Offenses Act 2016 Revised Edition.


While the final report is not yet available, you may click English or Tongan for our current proposals for Law Reform.

 Criminal Offenses Act 2016 Revised Edition


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