Miss Galaxy Queen Pageant


    The Miss Galaxy Queen Pageant 2019 Celebration Program


    Miss Galaxy Ari’I ‘Oe Hau Mixed Tournament

    Venue: BSP Netball Court

    Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

    Program Detail: This Annual Program is named to our Patron and has been running every year since 2010. This is funded by the New Zealand High Commission Office with their support of Healthy Lifestyle and Sport. This Tournament will be running every Saturday at the BSP Netball Court, start from Saturday 1st June, Saturday 08th June, Saturday 15th June, Saturday 22nd June, Saturday 29th June and the Quarter & Semi Final will be on Saturday 06th July and last but not the least the Final will be on Monday 08th July. This program is the promoting the Gender Equality, All Gender are access to sports. This is Mixed Tournament is hosted by TLA and partnership with the Tonga Netball Association.

    TUESDAY 16TH July 2019

    HIV Ongoing Testing Available at the QSMH

    Venue: Queen Salote

    Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm

    Program Detail: This HIV Testing is also available to all people of Tonga such as Companies, Businesses and also Organisations Staffs and any Groups. All you have to do is to mark your time that you think your staffs are available to stop by at the Queen Salote Memorial Hall for Testing and also Counselling. TLA will look after your attendance and provide small refreshment for yourself after the Blood Test. This is funded by the Global Fund and UNDP in Fiji. By 2pm, everything is close and the TLA volunteer will be able to prepare the decoration for the 2 Pageant Nights.

    WEDNESDAY 17th July 2019


    Dress Code: Red Colour Outfit

    Venue: Queen Salote Memorial Hall

    Door Open: 6:00pm

    Program Start: 7:00pm

    Program Detail: The first night of the Miss Galaxy will begin with the Launching of the Tonga Leitis Association’s First SOGIESC Tongan Guideline that is funded by UNFPA and also Ministry of Health. First Appearance of the Contestants of 2019, with their RED CREATION. The Red Creation is also our tribute to our main two Sponsors, Digicel and also Global Fund and UNDP in Fiji. We are having this Red Outfit as our respect to the Red Ribbon Campaign to end the HIV & AIDS in Tonga. We also delegate this to Digicel for carry on this event year. The second Appearance is the CONDOM CREATION. This category is part of the Condom Campaigning to protect our people from HIV and STIs. These condoms are the expired condoms from the Ministry of Health that all the contestants requested for creating the creation. The third category is the TALENT QUEST. This is the best part of the night that everyone waited for. There will be lots of entertainment this very night.

    THURSDAY 18th July 2019


    Dress Code: Rainbow Outfit

    Venue: Queen Salote Memorial Hall

    Door Open: 6:30pm

    Program Start: 8:00pm

    Program Detail: The Final night of the pageant will be start at 8:00pm. The first activity of this night is the Awarding by HE. Mrs Tiffany Babington the Winners of the Arii ‘O e Hau Mixed Tournament 2019 that was ongoing from Saturday 01st June – Monday 08th July. This is funded by the New Zealand High Commission Office. The First Appearance of the second night, with the contestant’s GALAXY WEAR. This category is to show the creativity of our young Leitis with their advance creation and ideas with fashions. It also represent the different universe in our small vast of Galaxy that we are part of. The second Appearance is the TONGAN TRADITIONAL DANCE, this category is the promoting the safety of the existence of our traditional dances in Tonga. This is also link to our Theme of this year, “The Fragrances of Different Communities”. The final category is the RAINBOW ATTIRE. This category is based on the Theme of this year “The Fragrances of Different Communities” Each Contestant will be design their outfits with the rainbow colours. This category also the last and the final category for the Crowning of the Miss Galaxy Queen 2019 - 2020

The Miss Galaxy Queen Pageant is the largest fundraiser hosted by the Tonga Leitis Association. It has been our main platform of advocacy for HIV Awareness and Prevention to Human Rights as of late. 

The pageant is open to transgender women of all ages, from Tonga or abroad and follows the Miss Heilala Pageant during the Heilala Festival in Nuku’alofa in July of each year. 

 You can view all the pictures from Miss Galaxy 2018 here


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