TLA Youth Ongoing Training is currently running at the Tonga Family Health Association Conference Room every week on MOnday, Wednesday and Friday. The Program started 29th April and it will end in July 08th

This Program is funded by the Government of Tonga, throught the Non-Charitable Grant, to educate youth of Tonga. TLA applied and it was approved

The Tonga Leitis Association is engaging its Youth in these areas and SDGs, HUMAN RIGHT, CLIMATE CHANGE, HUMANITARIAN ACTION, GOOD HEALTH & WELLBEING, DECENT WORKS & ECONOMY GROWTH. These goals has different areas and this is why TLA is hosting such an imortant training for the Youth to access and also they are the future of this organisation


Tonga Leitis Association is one of the three SR from Tonga that recieved fund from the Global Fund. TLA is the only umbrella organisation that cater for the Key Populations of Tonga. It is also our role to provide awareness to the general public and also those that in need to access information and resources about the HIV and STI Prevention.

Tonga Leitis Association has come to an end of its Mission Outreach to the Ha'apai Islands. Faka'anaua I Maui Tali (TLA Health Officer) led the mission in Ha'apai, said that Haapai need more awareness not just for HIV & STI, but other fields, like Climate Change, Mental Health, NCD Prevention, Drugs & Alcohol Awareness. These field need to be driven to the heart of Pangai and also to the rest of the Ha'apai Groups.The feedback from the general public, especiallly the Youths of Pangai the capital of Ha'apai, that it has been long time to have these kind of Awareness. MrsTeisa 'Alifeleti (Manager) from the TNYC's Branch in Haapai and Ms. Pukelotu Kakau (Lab Officer) from the MOH Hospital, shared the lack of awareness program and especially the yuoth dont access resources or information about the Preventions. The people of Pangai wish that Tonga Leitis Association has an office there, so that they visit for resources and information that will help to protect themself. TLA & TNYC were able seek for permission from the priciple of Ha'apai High Schools to do a workshops and some pre-test on HIV & STI Awareness for Form 6 & Form 7. There were two different sessions for girls and for boys to be aware of these diseases. TLA also reach out to the Haapai Prison, and conduct a workshopd to educate the prisoners on HIV & STI Prevention. It was a fruitful session with them as they are learning new things and how to protect themselves. There was a request from them about the Climate Change and Humanitarian Training for TLA to bring on our next mission. Last but not the least, the last session was take place at Pangai Ha'apai at the Talahiva Restaurant with the vulnerable groups at the capital.