Tonga Leitis Association's members are active in Netball, focus on Mens and Mixed Division. TLA wishes to promote the Gender Equality in sports and also promote the healthy lifestyles and also involving in physical activities. TLA is working close with the Tonga Netball Association to recruit more players and for the general public to involve in Netball and to change the mindset of the people of Tonga, that Netball is not only for women and girls, but for all genders and all ages


TLA is so grateful to have the NZ High Commision's Office and Her Excellency Tiffany Babington for the ongoing support of this important project for our members and also for all Tonga. We also want to thanks the Chief Executive Officer. Salote Sisifa of the Tonga Netball Association for the ongoing support and the engagement of the two organisation in national and international Tour and Program.

The Arii Oe Hau Mixed Netball Tournament 2018 was a successful event that took place in Nuku’alofa from Monday 25th June – Saturday 07th July 2018. This Event is an annual event that hosted by Tonga Leitis Association to the general public. This project is hosted by TLA and the Tonga Netball Association (TNA) every year to kick started with the celebration of the Miss Galaxy Queen Pageant Week, it is a promoting of gender equality in Netball and also for the ongoing support of the members physical activities. Every year, the TLA Galaxy Committee seeks out for funding to support the program and also the running of the Pageant Week. This year is the Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Miss Galaxy Queen Pageant, since it started in 1993. The committee planned to this year’s events to be special and to be different from the previous year’s celebration, by reach out to businesses and companies to make this event success. The event was support by many companies and organisation as they are willingly to help out to promote gender equality and offcourse the healthy physical activities. TLA wish to increase the prizes for the completion, because the Mixed and Men’s Netball is not that really popular here in the Kingdom, we decided to seek fund to the New Zealand High Commissioner’s Fund, to cover some of the cost during the event. It was great news that we received from the NZHCF Office that they are willing to support the Prizes for the 2018 tournament’s prizes for the Winner, Second and the Third. This has raised a huge attention for all netball players in Tonga to participate in this Tournament. We also received the support from the Fiji Airways and our first former Miss Galaxy Queen 1993, Miss Vivian Charlie that is known by the name “Kuini Kaute Kula” to cover the costs for other prizes and the equipment and the cost to manage this event.

The Tournament ran for 2 weeks that is approximately 7 Days. The games were run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the first week. The second week started on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Final on Saturday 07th July. The Quarter Final, Semi Final and Final Game held at the BSP Netball Court. During the program, the Fiji Airline Team was late because of their flight from Nadi, Fiji as the flight was cancel, so they will be late for the tournament. The Galaxy Committee decided to leave the Fiji Airline Team for second last day of the tournament, for they will arrive on Friday afternoon and they are willing to play right after they arrive. TLA organised the draw for all the team to play with the local clubs and leave their chance to play against Fiji for Friday. On Friday 06th of July, the Fiji Airline Mixed Champion Team in Fiji arrived to Nuku’alofa and played against the local Clubs. This was a big challenge for them as they are playing non-stop with all the teams here in Nuku’alofa. It was a fair game for everyone and only the best team were able to make it for Quarter Final. TLA invited the NZ High Commissioner HE. Tiffany Babington and the Chief Executive Officer of Tonga Netball Association. Mrs Salote Sisifa and the First Miss Galaxy Queen 1993. Miss Vivian Charlie to be the guests of honour of the day and for them to present the prizes for the best Teams that won the tournament of 2018.

There were 13 Mixed Netball Teams that registered to participated the 2018 competition;

1. Lei ‘o Loto Fualu (PEA)

2. Fanga Club

3. Hahake Club (Vaini)

4.Tailulu Club

5. Kolofo’ou Club

6. Houmakelikao Club

7. Laione Club

8. Digicel Team

9. Fiji Airways Team

10. Tanoa Hotel Club

11. Ahopanilolo Team

12. Ikale Club (Kolomotu’a)

13. Niutoua Club